Smolart : Design for Products and Brochure Design for the New York International Gift Fair

Project by EPC and USAID

Design and Presentation by Linda Odhiambo

Smolart are a group that carves items from soapstone. They are located in Kisii – Tabaka area where the stone is found. The company produces soapstone items. The items are mostly pure stone unless the design requires a blend with other complimentary materials such as glass or wood.
Raw materials
The main raw material is soapstone. Other complimentary material can be used whenever necessary. Dyes are used to dye the products to get the vibrant colours.
The people
Smolart has a comfortably large capacity for production. There are 200 members and each of them works with between three and five other artisan give in Smolart a very large pull of able workers. As far as the raw material is concerned, there are local mines that provide the rock
All the items are hand made. The use of basic hand tools is the only requirement making Smolart products hand made art.
The task is to curate from existing products and design a complete range that explores the use of soapstone for Smolart.
The deliverables include new designs and colour ways, product identity, exhibition design and sales and marketing material based on the new range. All these with a view to attend the New York International Trade Fair

Smolart Brochure - 2  Brochure 27 Brochure 28 Brochure 25Brochure 22 Brochure 24 Brochure 26Brochure 23


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