Kipenzi Designs 2012

The Kipenzi range just got bigger, there is lots to choose from for Christmas! We have incorporated lots of brass to create ‘bling’ and have increased the number of artisans we commission.

Kipenzi - Joyce Nzilani

Here are some of the jewellery we are loving so much!

This is the mviringo set. Recycled beads are a feature of kipenzi designs and now we recycle brass and aluminium so a combination of these materials form the basis of this range. Just love the concentric circles that form a pendant. The chain is handmade brass and the tag quite a feature is also made from cast brass

Kipenzidesigns7478 Kipenzidesigns7480 Kipenzidesigns7490 Kipenzidesigns7494 Kipenzidesigns7496

Kipenzidesigns7499 Kipenzidesigns7500 Kipenzidesigns7504 Kipenzidesigns7506 Kipenzidesigns7508

Kipenzidesigns7510 Kipenzidesigns7511 Kipenzidesigns7514



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