Cleaning jewellery

 8 tips on cleaning for all jewellery

Following these steps will keep them in top shape and you can choose when you want to get the brilliant shine back on.I sometimes like to enjoy the subdued oxidised phase before cleaning. Here are a few  tips for how to maintain and how to clean when your jewellery when you need to:-
  • Clean before wearing using anti bacterial soap and water rinse and dry immediately Use a bowl rather than the sink so that you don’t risk losing anything down the drain!.  If you experience any discomfort or allergic reaction, remove jewellery immediately.
  • Things you will need: Dish washing liquid, cleaning alcohol, brass and silver cleaning solutions, toothpaste, soft brush, and soft cloth.
  • We use hypo-allergenic hooks and wire where pure metals are not used.
Extra tips
  • Small silver jewellery pieces can be kept shiny by coating them with clear nail varnish or lacquer.
  • Keep your jewellery away from harmful cleaning chemicals.  this prolongs their lovely shine and prevents  chemical reactions which could result in your jewellery  turning green!
  • Wherever possible, store your jewellery items separately so they are not touching each other which tends to accelerate tarnishing and abrasion.
  • Your jewellery shouldn’t be too tight next to your skin – leave a little room to breathe!
  • Warm soapy water, a toothbrush and soft dry towels are the basic way to clean jewellery. When in doubt especially when cleaning intricate jewellery, a little research on how to clean will solve the problem. Send us an email to ‘’ and we will be happy to help solve the problem and offer more tips on how to clean your Kipenzi products



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  1. Nena says:

    Great tips!! Someone also told me to put on perfume and let it dry before putting on jewelry because the ingredients in a perfume can also tarnish jewelry.


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