Kipenzi ‘Maua’ – swahili for flower

I have just had a new wave of  expansion to my life as a designer in general and in particular my life as a jeweller. I have decided to take the bull by the horn. After years of designing in a completely different way – managing the design process through others, I want to do something of my own. I am attending a series of silversmithing  course in Bath to brush up my skills. Being a designer/ maker and designing for me is what I love doing. I also expect it of the people I have  worked with.  Making product come to life! – what more can you ask for and if someone wants to buy it that’s even better.

making product come to life – what more can you ask for and if someone wants to buy it that’s even better!

One of the first things I learnt was to shape a large dome!it gave me such grief but eventually got it under control. It was a marvelous piece in the end but I thought I would miniaturised it this time. That way I can use a doming block!

Somewhere in my cache of wonderful products I have a large amount of sandblasted effect recycled beads. I have wanted to use them for something special and this is special sitting next to the domed shape. I fell in love with the brass ones but had to introduce the silver ones due to customer demands. they are the most amazingly simple flowers. I made them up as this weird sci-fi flowers and they are quite popular

The maua series
‘Maua’ means flower. In this case it is a pared down take on flowers. The  coloured recycled glass bead and the metallic dome forms the flower. The silver hook forms the stalk an there you have it-Simplicity. they truly are elegantly simple.

Made from a sandblasted effect recycled glass bead that dangles on a domed  silver piece. They make a subtle statement and one of the easiest to wear pieces in my range so far. They simply go with anything, are simple yet unique and just work.

You get to choose the colour you like too and have the option of having it on silver or gold.

The earwires are handmade in silver.

They are a dangly, pretty number with a modern touch.

Kipenzidesign  maua  lucite green glow Kipenzidesign lucite ice Kipenzidesign orange

Kipenzi Maua
Kipenzi Maua in Brass designes and handmade by Linda Odhiambo

Below are a the catalogue pages

Kipenzi maua
Kipenzi Designs Brass Maua Earring
Kipenzi Maua
Kipenzi Maua Silver Earrings

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