New From Kipenzi! Resonance with the self!

After I moved to  England – Kipenzi has had to move in two directions! we have Kipenzi Kenya that has always done well as a wholesale business and supported craftspeople in design and marketing. I now am designing and making jewellery in my workshop in England.  This is a small bit but with the passion built in from my move, my country – Kenya, Africa and trying to find a space for my style in this new market.

What do I make?  –  factors included finance – what can sell?, market – what do they like?, skills -, and who I was – Kenyan – African – Living in England…  There is so much wonderful handmade stuff here.  I needed to make something different!

Who I am? –  will be my main thread. I would like to make what sells easily,  but,  even more is the challenge of making something different, tells a story and sells.

One of the designs I have been working on is Huru

Kipenzi Designs Huru Necklace 3 Huru Necklace

Kipenzi Designs Huru necklet 1Huru Necklet

‘Huru’ is the Swahili word for freedom, which is what this necklet is about. Allowing you to move and trying to rearrange the pieces and sometimes even breaking through them.
The main ‘huru’ bit is made of brass while the smaller bit in silver is a ‘free’ accent, which allows the pendant-piece some play. It is suspended on neoprene wrapped stainless steel and finished with a handmade silver clasp.
I use special metal varnish on finishing to keep the lustre.

> Sterling silver, brass
> The huru unit is 6cm x 4cm
> 56 centimetre length
> Kipenzi necklaces are shipped by 1st class post or Airmail
> We will gift wrap them for you free of charge

Traditional metal-smiths skills are used to make this necklet. The stainless steel and neoprene are a modern take on traditional cords lending an edgy contemporary feel. I use fine metalworking and soldering skills to create the Huru pieces. The links are handmade in silver and so is the clasp. They are available in silver and gold on order.

The finish is a comfortable satin.

Treat yourself to these or buy as a gift. They work perfectly both ways!

Thank you,


Please see more Kipenzi Jewellery here:


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