Designing a ceramic jewellery collection for Stone Crest’s special projects.

Having work with various ceramic artisans as well as  a fairly large handmade beads and ceramics workshop in Kenya has given me  a lot of experience.  Together with access to resources on trends and the ability to be creative was a wonderful start for my 2015 _ Hurray!

It’s all about the really stunning colours ceramics can offer – That is why I love ceramic beads. It’ s all about finding that staple jewellery to wear – to get you through multiple outfits, multiple events, and multiple seasons. Ceramic beads are a greener cheaper way to add colour to your wardrobe – besides, in this case you are also doing good! A combinations with all trendy metallics nailed it for the range.

Colour brilliant colours for summer
Necklace designs008necklace design 029Necklace designs001
Warm and cuddly for autumn
Linda Odhiambo Necklace designs016
The range I was commissioned to design boasted colours and an aesthetic that you can’t go wrong with. The clean lines and structured shapes make for an elegant and timeless look.  Other than the plain coloured beads, I also created colour combinations that reflected what was trending so one can mix and match as they please and also a variety of neutral colours for those cleans and simple – no fuss days
Glaze choices were based on colour trends of 2015 with a few staples that we know will stay beyond the year
 necklace design 024
I will post an update after production so that we can see the actual samples and on models too!
Meanwhile keep an eye on what’s happening with Kipenzi

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