The Walls!?

By that I mean the background – what will I do with all the white space?

This is my first major fair in the UK – A Trade Fair – the first one of this nature and magnitude. Here,  I will be among some of the best crafts people  in the country so it is important to really pay attention to my display. The underlying mantra is less-is-more. It is a concept I struggle with but I am increasingly getting to grasps with. So less-is-more, less-is-more !

Back to the white space – I could do photographs or sketches of masks. Frame them and hang them.A month ago I was all for the sketching just because I like making Art( and I have been attending some classes – thanks to David Chandler and Mark Karasick) but I don’t get enough space to work so here was a chance. As it always happens, i was wel on my way with this idea when a better one hit me! I have been using  cut-outs and folding techniques to develop my ideas and why not use the same ideas and just simply blow them up in size!

It would be too costly to blow up silver so I had to find an alternative? After deliberations and trials I settled for  formboard. Its light and easy to  work.

It is again back to the process – develop – resize – tryout little marqettes  – make samples – blow them up – make one –  make the rest. If you think it will take one day, you may need to think again especially  if you are working on your own. Time allocation is key to what happens to the white walls.


These are the try outs and maquettes,

kipenzi kenya uk by linda odhiambo  _34kipenzi kenya uk by linda odhiambo  _33

Here are some of the cut-outs on formboard

I will have my jewellery displayed on three busts with each bust representing one line of the three lines of the spirit range jewellery.These busts will sit on pillars.

The fourth pillar  will have all my previous jewellery from huru – mrembo – malkia – mraba – mawimbi – less is more – I keep telling myself.

The Pillars – The idea is to have  display that that subtly moves the viewer’s eyes and interest into really looking at the whole and then resting on what catches their interest. This can be  very difficult as we do not know why we like what we like or what grabs our interests. It is individual – what interests one that is.  The challenge is to have as many individuals as possible drawn to your work. The  pillars initially conceptualised as a single  colour ended up with three colour facets in shades of gray and white. We had the various shades of paint so wondered why not. It worked better that way.

Kipenzi designs display units

kipenzi kenya uk by linda odhiambo  _19

had to clear space for the pillars – It is a family affair.



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