Kipenzi at the BCTF 2016

kipenzi designs at bctf2016

I went for the minimal look! kipenzi designs at bctf2016_78

The Royal Hall  in Harrogate  – Victorian opulence kipenzi designs at bctf2016_71

Doesn’t look too opulent from the outside kipenzi designs at bctf2016_65

The Pump Room in Harrogate boast the most sulphurous water in all of Europe! great! kipenzi designs at bctf2016_51

We were looking for Toffee – apparently they are known for this apart from tea and coffee. I think it is just because it rhymes with coffee – we found none!? kipenzi designs at bctf2016_14kipenzi designs at bctf2016_11

Kipenzi! Really happy with the pieces and response!

kipenzi designs at bctf2016_42

Betty’s – If we did not go there we may have had to get the wax out. All I can s ay is that everyone was waxing lyrical about it and yup –  its great! They have some Latin something coffee or other with special chocolate and cinnamon – yum! Not so keen on baby croissants…

kipenzi designs at bctf2016_43kipenzi designs at bctf2016_39kipenzi designs at bctf2016_75


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