Being Featured: Editors pick

I am very excited to let you know that Kipenzi is in the latest issue of the Crafts& Design Magazine! Look out for the Editors Picks!

To be featured in a Craft and Design Magazine and even  better under editors choice is a real thrill. I f I was  unsure about how others see my work, what better way to reassure me than to have an editor pick your pieces  to be included in a select handful of work that is interesting and befits the feature Editors Choice! I am featured in the Magazine’s July August issue.

The BCTF brings together really great designers and craftsmen and there is always the fear that you may be too different to alien.   I could tell from the onset that I had work that was different but I simply come from some where else and I would like to tell people about this place through my work and through Kipenzi. It has been my constant internal fight to resolve the issue that is whether to make what sells or make what is inspired  and different.

It is easy for artists with some success to tell you ‘go for it’ with your heart and you will succeed – eventually. Factors such as income,  which may be easier to come by initially if you have ‘easy’ pieces is a pull that one may never retract from and which would retard your creative ‘bone’. I am really glad that I have been picked for this and it makes me believe that bringing something different will work out for the better in the end. Kipenzi will then continue in its current path and there is more exciting work which I will share with you pretty soon.

Here is the page!

Spirit Jok Kipenzi Designs
Kipenzi in Crafts&Design Magazine July/August 2016
Kipenzi in Craft&Design Magazine July/August 2016
Kipenzi in Craft&Design Magazine July/August 2016

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